Geartrade Consignment Report, Earth Month Edition

Geartrade Consignment Report, Earth Month Edition

Beth Lopez |

Geartrade Consignment Report, Earth Month Edition

We don’t want to boast, but Earth Month is kind of our season. So this edition of our consignment report is a little more of a hip-hip-hooray. We’re looking back at the past year and tallying all the hard work we (and you) have done keeping perfectly good gear in circulation rather than in the dumpster.

The numbers add up: more gear, more stoke, less waste.

Last year, we kept a whopping 45,590 pieces of gear and clothing in use, thanks to people like you selling those items through us and checking our site first when you need to buy something. The gear bought and sold through Geartrade included an impressive 24,389 hardgoods—that includes everything from ski bindings to ice axes and kayaks. A whopping 21,201 softgoods also sold, which ranges from snowboard jackets to cycling jerseys, running tights, casual fleeces, and climbing clothes.

What we got the most of:

This one’s fun. The gear we got the most of is a reflection of you, our gear-trading family spanning the country.
  • Ski gear: 5,020 items sold. Turns out, y’all are powderhounds—and budget-savvy, too. You listed thousands of ski items like skis with bindings, skis without, backcountry touring skis, cross-country skis, ski boots, and accessories like goggles, helmets, and gloves. We saw ski biz ramping up last fall, but you guys didn’t quit—the ski gear fever lasted all winter long and well into spring.
  • Climbing gear: 3,363 items sold. Yep, the Geartrade community includes a lot of climbers. It was fun to see how many different disciplines within climbing were represented—with people listing rock shoes, sport climbing draws, trad pieces, ice screws, haul bags, and alpine climbing ropes. We were delighted to see how many people got out and got after it with UnNew gear.
  • Hiking and camping gear: 3,058 items sold. You love campfire margaritas as much as we do, with the hiking/camping category coming in strong. This community listed and sold thousands of items ranging from camp furniture to ultralight backpacking cook sets, sending in your unneeded items for someone else to log trail time with.
  • Snowboarding gear: 1,572 items sold. The board community went full send with their UnNew item listings on Geartrade, unloading every imaginable variety of board, binding, boot, and accessory for fellow shredders to enjoy. From high-style resort jackets to backcountry splitboard setups, the snowboard game was strong.
  • Mountain bike and road bike gear: 6,110 items sold. This category was a big winner, drawing cyclists of every style and background to buy and sell excellent bikes, components, accessories, shoes, and clothing here on Geartrade. Whether you needed comfy mountain bike shorts, a well-ventilated road jersey, or some nice padded gloves, the site—and community—delivered.
  • Athletic and casual apparel: 20,859 items sold. Yep, you read that right … A mountain of clothing sold last year on Geartrade. You crushed it, sending in your gently used fleeces, hiking shorts, running tops, winter layers, sun dresses, and shirts. Just think—thousands of people are cruising around trails and towns near and far, happily wearing clothes someone else used to have sitting in the back of their closet.
All this saving of stuff makes us extra fired up to live out our mission as a Climate Neutral Certified company that fully offsets our own emissions. Between your efforts and ours, we’ll help turn the tide and get the planet back on track. We can do this—one bike tire, button-down shirt, and ski binding at a time. Beth Lopez is a seasoned writer and creative director who loves to tell tales of adventure and discovery—and finds writing a powerful way to give a voice to people, causes, and places. Beth runs amok in the Wasatch mountains when untethered from her computer. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad ski day and considers animals her favorite people. Don’t tell her mother about her Instagram mountaineering photos. Follow us on Instagram + Facebook: Tag us @geartrade with the hashtag #unnewoutdoor #wearitout on your post or story for a chance to be featured on our page.

Have Summer gear to sell? Get cracking.

It is now easier than ever to sell your gear on Geartrade. With our new Consignment Selling option you can finally reclaim your gear closet. Send it in. We take care of the rest.

Geartrade is Climate Neutral Certified.