A Rallying Cry

Take only pictures, leave only footprints' is broken
An ethos that asks us to minimize our impact on the outdoors
Ignores the carbon footprint we leave on our way to the trail
Outdoor adventurists buy gear to enrich their outdoor experience
Yet American consumer habits are loaded with impacts that degrade it
From our easy come-easy go, disposable lifestyle
To the eager embrace of the latest gear and apparel trends
That exhausts natural resources
And impacts landscapes beyond the factory
The outdoor industry can again lead the way with a more conscious consumption approach
That leverages and extends the natural lifecycle of our gear
To keep gear out of landfills
And keep people in the outdoors
An online re-commerce exchange amongst outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor brands, and outdoor stores.
Of pre-owned, reusable, returned, repaired, and quality outdoor gear
We call it UnNew Outdoor
Where adventurists buy and sell the gear we love for the outdoors we need.


Because gear belongs in the outdoors, not in a landfill.

Here, adventurers, retailers, and manufacturers alike can use a common platform to sell their used, returned, and repaired gear. We equip and inspire outdoor adventurists with everything they need to get outside—on a budget that sure does feel nice.


The time is now.

People - especially the outdoor-loving sort, are increasingly demanding sustainability and accountability. Demand for used gear is on the rise as people take more and more pride in finding a new life for gear rather than ponying up top dollar for something fresh off a factory line.

Thus, the rise of Geartrade: a user-friendly, centralized hub for buying and selling outdoor gear and apparel. We make it easy for people to reuse gear, keep the planet a little cleaner, and save the next generation of ski bums a little cash.


A dream kept alive for decades.

Geartrade's original iteration launched in 1999 and has since been kept alive by three different groups of outdoor enthusiasts with one common thread: they all experienced the magic of the outdoors at a young age and landed in the mountains of Utah. In the pursuit of powder, they spent a lot of time outdoors—and it became clear how much the climate is changing.

We were inspired to overhaul and update the site when, one day, we realized just how impossible it is to recycle a ski boot. We sat down, thought about where gear goes after the first purchaser uses it (the landfill), and realized that the world needed a super user-friendly gear “re-commerce” platform. So, today, GearTrade serves our outdoor community with a simple experience, easy payment system, and helpful info on how to extend the life of your gear. No more homeless ski boots!


Smaller carbon footprints as we take to the trails.

With your help, we'll become the outdoor industry's full circular economy retailer. Our forward-thinking crew is fueled by a collective 200 years of high-alpine experience. The team's made up of former Olympians, lifelong skiers, mountaineers, mountain bikers, kiters, hikers, guides, and gear gurus. So we know good gear—and we love seeing it put to good use. Thank you for joining us. If you're ever in Utah, we hope to see you out on the hill.


We dream of long-lasting gear, fewer factory smokestacks, and more money in your pocket.

We build a sustainable business that benefits all stakeholders.

Most business models center on shareholders. By contrast, we root ourselves in a broader web of stakeholders: our audience of adventurers, our team, and our entire planet.

We put people before profits and relationships over revenue.

We've seen what happens when corporations put profits first: record-high hauls for CEOs and investors, with a destroyed environmental landscape in their wake. We aim to do things radically different: People matter. The planet matters.

We innovate through communication and teamwork.

We fill a true need not only in the outdoor industry but also in online commerce at large. We're pioneers, rethinkers, and explorers. By connecting people with each other and with brands who have gear that needs a home, we achieve a shared vision one transaction at a time.

Browse, buy, sell, hit the trails, repeat.