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Whether you’re looking to explore the backcountry or get the family out on your favorite trail, snowshoeing is a great scenic exercise for all ages and levels. It’s a winter sport that requires very little gear to get started, and it’s even more affordable when you buy UnNew or used snowshoes.

The sport has evolved to offer much more than backcountry snowshoeing. If you’re in the market for hiking snowshoes or running snowshoes, you’re in the right place. We also have backcountry poles and winter boots to complete the package. And if you’re specifically looking for women’s or kids snowshoes, we might be able to help you there too!

The right winter clothing will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable for your winter treks. In fact, your clothing choices can make or break a good day in the snow. We’ve got a wide variety of mid layers, snow boots, winter jackets, gaiters, gloves, and mittens to make sure the fun staysfun.

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