Get More for Your UnNew Gear: Ship It Safely

Get More for Your UnNew Gear: Ship It Safely

Jackie Baker |

Get More for Your UnNew Gear: Ship It Safely

One of Geartrade’s (many) amazing features is that it’s free to ship us your UnNew gear to list as consignment on our website! Simply log into your account and under “Consignment,” on the left menu, click “Labels,” and “Request a Label.” You’ll notice that you can choose to print a label to apply to your own envelope, bag, or box. You can also request that we send you a large bag, or a box that comes in large, extra-large, ski, or snowboard size. The first step to making sure you get the most value from your gear is making sure it gets here! And, that it arrives at our warehouse in the same condition it was when you kissed it goodbye. How do you pick which vessel is best for your gear, and how do you ensure its security? Here are a few pointers for ensuring your gear arrives at Geartrade safely, and that your package takes up minimal space as it travels to us.

First, see if you have a box around the house that can hold the gear you’d like to send.

Boxes from previous online orders are often perfect to reuse! The more full the box, the better! We’ve noticed that when boxes are mostly empty, they tend to get crushed during shipping because they lack structure. Use the smallest box or bag possible as long as it still safely houses your gear. If you don’t have enough gear to completely fill the box or bag you are sending, stuff in some newspaper, other smaller, empty boxes, and non-plastic, recyclable materials to keep the box from collapsing and to keep your gear safe!

Bags or envelopes are perfect for softgoods, but stick to boxes for hardgoods. Why? Hardgoods tend to poke through the bags and could result in a trail of your gear from your house to our warehouse.

Speaking of hardgoods poking out of bags, spikey items tend to find their way out of boxes too!

Be sure to carefully pack poles, ice axes, crampons, so they stay INSIDE the box and don’t damage any of your other gear. Wrap pointy parts in paper to make sure they won’t injure anyone during their journey.

Be sure to keep fragile items like goggles, sunglasses, electronics, and helmets toward the top of your box, well-padded, and not in danger of being scratched or crushed.

*Pro tip: only send us helmets made in 2017 or later!*

Finally, be sure to effectively tape your box closed. Heavier packages often require more tape on the bottom to prevent blow-outs. We want to make sure ALL of your gear makes it here!

We’re always excited to see what you’ve sent us! If you have any questions about what gear we accept, which box is best, or how our consignment process works, feel free to reach out to us at! Jackie Baker is an avid skier, just waiting for another classic Wasatch powder day. When not on snow, she likes to ride her bike long distances in remote places. Visit her Instagram profile, @ohjaybay, to see where she's riding and what snacks she's packing. Follow us on Instagram + Facebook: Tag us @geartrade with the hashtag #unnewoutdoor #wearitout on your post or story for a chance to be featured on our page.

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